History of Brogaard

Brogaard is located on the inner part of the Lammefjord by about 18 feet down to solid ground and some of the fields is approximately 2-3 meters below sea level .

The first owners of Brogaard were pioneers . Brogaard’s area was until 1872 an open sea , with a huge fishing industry. The area was drained as there was a need for more farmland.

Initially, the area was primarily used for grazing animals , since it was not possible to maneuver the machines. The ground was just too soft.

Brogaard has had several owners, but is now owned by Boje Skytte who bought the farm in 1983.

Since the acquisition of Brogaard in 1983 , it has been a fundamental requirement for Brogaard products, that processing of vegetables and disseminating them in Europe, has been a priority 1 , which also has contributed to the fact that Brogaard carrots have been selected as the Grand Cru carrot .

This has been done with such success that not only our onion sets are demanded all over Europe, but alone in Denmark , we sell more than 2500 tons of vegetables . The overall demand has been so great that we not only produced on our own 130 acres but also on further 300 leased hectares.

In order to live up to the high quality required in today’s society – and, indeed, from partners – it has been imperative to make some investments. Brogaard is today a very modern company with all the latest technologies implemented for the benefit of consumers, suppliers and partners.


In the year 2000, further 100 hectares from the neighboring property Stubberupholm was rented, and this land is cultivated organically . The conversion to organic production started in 1995 and was completed in 2000.

Stubberupholm is also situated on Lammefjord, which is naturally enriched with many minerals, and this is from here our vegetables get their good taste . Our carrots and potatoes are probably Denmark’s best , both in terms of quality , but definitely also taste!

On Stubberupholm we grow grain , carrots and potatoes.

All our carrots are washed and packed at the ecological packing company Søris in Slangerup . So look for Søris carrots in the shops.

We have only for three years growed our potatoes, as we had some skepticism if it could be a success without any fertilizers and chemicals . We started with about 4 ha, then 7 hectares and last year we have cultivated 16 hectares in total.

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